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Holzbau 4.0, cooperating with the major international production plants, can supply almost any type of timber structure including the steel hardware for the connections.

Starting from the project technical drawings we can develop construction drawings that will include also all the information necessary for execution. From these construction drawings are automatically extrapolated the shop drawings and the files necessary for CAM manufacturing of the timber elements. The files are sent to the CNC wood working centres where the timber structural elements are processed.

The timber and the steel elements must comply with the European Regulation for Construction products “CPR” (UE regulation n. 305/2011) that lays down harmonised rules for the production and marketing of construction products in the EU. The Regulation provides a common technical language to assess the performance of the construction elements.

CE marking and Declaration of Performance “DOP” are the documents used to provide information on the products manufactured according to a harmonized standard or to an ETA (European technical Assessment) when the standard is not available.

The CE marking indicates the Production Plant where the products are manufactured. The plant must be certified with the Constant of Performance Certification that is issued on the basis of the harmonized standard of the product or of the ETA.

The harmonized standard for Glulam is EN 14080:2013.

The harmonized standard for the special Steel Parts is EN 1090-1:2012.