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Smart Factory INDUSTRY 4.0

Industry 4.0

HOLZBAU 4.0 belongs to the “smart factories” industries, digitalized companies where manufacturing evolved from centralized to peripherical. This evolution has been possible thanks to the communication technologies that in the 4.0 era characterize the relations between people end machines and between machine themselves even when placed at long distance.

The recent transformation that revolutionized many sectors of the world economic structure required companies to evolve integrating new conditions and new configurations in the direction of productivity, flexibility, and agility. This dramatic change obviously also included the modern timber construction sector. In this environment HOLZBAU 4.0 aims to be the best reference for clients demanding real-time decision making, enhanced productivity and high technical competence

The company uses the new technologies to innovate products and construction systems and its special relations with clients, suppliers, and partners to enhance services and site management. The most advanced digital tools are embedded but a special attention is paid to the human end emotional aspects that too often have been put aside in the 3.0 era of computers and anonymous relations.

Thanks to the technology the company, free of physical and geographical constraints, operates through a network that involves the most efficient European production units together with the most qualified technicians and carpenters. The company, through a perfect combination of “physical” and “digital”, grants a full service to its clients at the highest productivity and quality levels as demanded in the 4.0 era.

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